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What's a Spritz?

Introducing Aperol Spritz to the US market

Client: Gruppo Campari



Launched in Venice in 1919, Aperol is well known in Europe for the Aperol Spritz, a staple cocktail for Apertivo, the Italian ritual of a slow, casual drink before dinner. While widely popular among Europeans, the practice of Aperativo – and knowledge of Aperitifs in general -  holds little relevance in the US.



Get millennials in influential markets unfamiliar with either it or its consumption occasion to embrace the Aperol Spritz, an established cocktail internationally, as a new cocktail that's perfect for their favorite day drinking occasions.



Target a market with influence well beyond its boarders— the Hamptons. As our target continued to embrace day drinking occasions like Brunch & Happy Hour, they sought new, lower ABV cocktails that fit both their social scene and Instagram feed. Seeking to be top-of-mind as New Yorkers flocked to the beach for summer, we created the “What’s a Spritz?” campaign, that strategically placed bright OOH ads around train stations, bust stops and on vehicles along popular routes to the Hamptons. Messaging was kept casual and informative, positing Aperol as a bright orange alternative in a sea of Rosé.



The New York Times: There’s a Reason You’re Drinking So Much Aperol Spritz




Sean DallasKidd, Executive Creative Director

Rachel Theberge, Art Director

Tom Hasenfratz, Sr. Copywriter

Brooke Wilson, Jr. Copywriter

Kathryn Earls, Head of Strategy

Remy Wainfeld, Sr. Account Supervisor

Dora Lee, Director of Production

Case Study

Digital & OOH

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